Swedish artist Kerstin Jakobsson

Kerstin Jakobsson grew up on a farm, rich in knowledge of textile techniques, and a direct line to Swedish folk art which tracks its roots long back in to pagan history. This creative background, rich of female storytelling, meet in Kerstin a Fine Art education.

Kerstin combines craftsmanship with performance to create art projects where she invite the public to become co-creators. Such projects have been developed around the world together with more than thousand individuals to express faith and different life experiences through art. Her open way to include others experiences into her art work, transforms her art to physical places, where many people meet to express life.

For most participants it was the first time to take part, or create, art. This connects her work back to her folk art background, where people expresses their inner beings through crafts; a direct line from heart to art.

This website introduces you to Kerstin's world of art; a connecting point for art, craft and history witthe touch of a female hand.