A fine art cowgirl

I grew up on a dairy farm in the most southern part of Sweden. During my childhood I was presented by the locals as 'daughter of Sven and Elsa on Bjerröd (the farm)". With a few words my universe was expressed and my heritage known to everyone. This very short presentation could be harsh to handle as a teenager, but today I see it with different eyes. It showed how I was connected to a place and a landscape. And that I still am.

My background also gave me a lot of stories about people in the past, knowledge in crafts and a growing interest in traditional textiles.

The pride our families women showed in their handmade textiles, also remembering those long gone, still fascinates me. Now I know that they transferred over something important to me, the pride in having creative hands. This background, I combine with a formal degree in Master of Fine Arts in Applied Crafts.

I think these two parts makes a wonderful combination for being an artist. I feel my roots go way back in history, when designs expressed protection from evil and wishes for happiness in life. From here it is all about art for me.