Embroideries - my drawings

It was my father's aunt who started to teach me embroidery when I was a child. She was a hard teacher, the back should be as pretty as the front! As a child I also went with my mother to  the womens embroidery parties. First I sat under the table, ate cookies and listened to the women's talk, later I had my own small embroidery to work on.

This background gives me inspiration to use embroidery as a comment about women history, were the women are no victims, but creators. Embroidery is free like drawing, but the effort you have to give to an embroidery in time, makes it exclusive. Time is the most costly in our time, that's why it interests me to use slow technichnues. I also combine exclusive materials, like silk or hand dyed Norwegian wool, with simple materials, like kitchen cloths or worn out towels. Embroidery for me is a straight forward technique to talk about female history, their strengh and joy.

You can see some of my works as slide shows below