Signs in dialogue

A four continents art project

When a person lights a candle in church, together with a prayer or a greeting, man's innermost dialogue with God takes shape. This was the act that artist Kerstin Jakobsson wanted to develop together with people around the world. She wanted to give this short moment of human spiritual presence a visual shape through art, that actually allowed people to follow a trail from a spiritual thought to a physical form that they shaped by their own hands. From this idea the art project 'Signs in dialogue' was developed and introduced to the Cathedral of Lund and the Diocese of Lund in Sweden.

An art co-operation.
With short notice, Churches spread over three continents, embraced Signs in dialogue. In each country, a new and unique work of art was created. In the designs for the works of art, a central part was open for people's symbols. All those who participated are vital parts of the art project. In every sense, Signs in dialogue is a project based on co-operation.

Four grand works of art, one year later. In an intense period of nine months, four works of art were made together with people from twenty countries. In March 2007 Signs in dialogue was an active part in the celebration of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) 60 – years anniversary, held in Lund. During this conference, a fifth work of art was created together with the delegates, called 'Reflections'. During summer of 2007 the four tapestries were displayed for the public in the Cathedral of Lund and the art projects circle around the world was completed. The four works of art now belongs to the Cathedral of Lund, but the art project, Signs in dialogue, can continue to develop.

The art performance
A place for the art performance was created in the different churches, well visible for the visitors and usually in front of the altar. The few attributes the artist used, in the form of furniture and clothing, was choosed through color and material in order to create a serene and open athmosphere. When the visitors sat down by the embroidery table, they virtually left the world behind. In front of them was an open and peaceful space, up and towards the high altar.

Dialogues about life today
The art project has developed, through its participants, to become a statement about sharing and solidarity. People wanted to express both their individuality, and their consciousness as being parts of a fast changing world. All the symbols may have individual tellings, but they all express the same essence; I am a living part of this world and a spiritual being. Living and spiritual, visualized by a personal symbol.

An art project open for everyone.

Signs in dialogue has participants representing
over 20 countries and several confessions. It has aimed for adult participation, but welcomed during the art performance all who wanted to participate. Almost 80 % of the participants have been women. Many of the participants made their embroideries directly on the work of art, but others choosed to make a small drawing first.